the lovers


U, Ü, V, W

Examination, criticism, research, test (ing), sex

zodiac sign: gemini
astrology sign: gemini
symbol: gemini
planet: mercury

The animal lovers are in the Tarot of starstriker  depicted as pigeons. The snake as a symbol of temptation complements this Christian motiv.

In the tree of life lovers take the path between the Sephirot Binah and Tiphared.

The archetype is after young Amor

In the numerology is six after Pythagoras, the first perfect number, while the sum of its parts and products is: 1 +2 +3 = 6 and 1 * 2 * 3 = 6

In the interpretation, it is a card of the decision. The animal tarot is a little bit more sensitive than other tarots.
While the other tarots show the decision between the mother and wife,  my cards show the decision for the wisdom of the serpent and  the love of God.

In the Bible, the decision "to the original sin" for the expulsion from Paradise. Small errors are in the story: If humans only through enjoyment of the fruits of the tree of wisdom, how hey could then decide to sin, although they had no awareness of injustice ?

Further mistake: The man had previously destined to eternal life! The basic requirement was that the people should not eat of two trees !
when they eat the fruits of  the first tree , they were expelled from Paradise, so they would not even from the second tree of eternal life and won immortality.

Do not worry - the starstriker remains Christian, but times may wonder whether he  is to stupid in understanding the Bible ...

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