IIX cups -

Keyword: indolence

Saturn influences this card; Element: water
animal tarot: astrology: pisces
animal tarot: astrology-symbol
animal tarot: pisces symbol
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Saturn influences pisces

animal tarot: symbol of saturn


A walrus in the water. Graceful moves the heavy animal with a certain inertia in the water ...

Inertia is not necessarily a weakness! Immerse the people know that slow movements in the water a small oxygen consumption effect. Politicians know that to sleep one night over  a problem sometimes is better than hasty action.

Where positive inertia is created, there is space for the dreams and thinking.

Negative environmental inertia can be annoying. Nothing is more ... the art is that shuttle between inertia and quickness to keep ...

Eight collapsed thee is a symbol for infinity.


In the traditional interpretation map unites these many negative properties up to a melancholy or depression. After the animals persist Tarot rather in a situation - perhaps unable to amend the state. Overcoming the inertia!

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