IIX wands

keyword: swiftness

zodiak sign: sagittarius
astrology saggitarius
symbol: saggitarius
planet: jupiter
Jupiter is influenced by Merkur

Tiertarot: Merkur beeinflusst acht der Staebe: Symbol


The swiftness is expressed on this card through the story of the rabbit and hedgehog . Those once organized a race. What the rabbit could not know: He stepped in against two hedgehogs, one on goal and the other at the start posted. However, if the rabbit on goal arrived, he was from the second hedgehog with the words: "I'm already there" is received.

In the history of the rabbit can not accept that the rapidly Hedgehog, and then repeated several times in a row the race until he collapses dead ...

The collapsed Eight stands for infinity.


It will something happen and maybe faster than expected in your live: From feeling up to unforeseen events. Whether this stock will have negative or positive effects, you will perhaps later found out.

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