ace of cups

Origin of the water: The three of the water Zodiac: Cancer, Scorpio and fish.

zodiak: cancer
astrology: cancersymbol: cancerplanet: moon
zodiak: cancer
astrology: scorpioTiertarot: Beschreibung des Skorpion: Symbolplanet: mars
zodiak: pisces
astrology: starssymbol: piscesplanet

As this is an animal  tarot, the starstriker sent us human being to the moon.

The Tarot cards  unite the three zodiac and the element of water ...

Numerology: 1 Stands for a pulse. 1 +1 +1 +1 +....= 10th The sum of 10 is 1
The cut in three Zodiac: Note on the Trinity.
The corresponding element is water.


It is more than a chance deep inside of you / possibility of inner feelings of love or meant.
The way the cards following the chalices series is the way of feelings. Go this way. Perhaps you are at the beginning of the road and need only unleash the power ....

Caution: The downside is melancholy and depression ....

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