ace of pentaceles

Origin of the Earth: The three zodiac of the Earth: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn
zodiak: taurusastrology: taurustaurus: symbolplanet: venus
zodiak: virgoastrology: virgosymbol: virgoplanet: merkur
Tiertarot: Beschreibung des SteinbocksTiertarot: Beschreibung des Steinbocks: Sternenbildsymbol: capricornplanet: saturn

As this is an animal  Tarot, all human beings were sent to the moon or better  as stars in the firmament banned:

In this case the Virgin - just "a star that bears your name ..."

The Tarot card unite the three zodiac absolute element of the earth ...

Numerology: 1 Stands for a pulse. 1 +1 +1 +1 +....= 10th The crossfoot of 10 is 1
The cut in three Zodiac: Note on the Trinity.


Here is more of a chance  or the opportunity for women to obtain or loss of material goods meant.
The following cards are opportunities of the pent row  for corruption or negative wealth in the physical sense. Go this way. Perhaps you are at the beginning of the road and need only unleash the power ....

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