Ace of swords

Origin of the Air: The three air zodiac sign: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.

zodiac sign: gemini
astrology: geminisymbol: geminiplanet: merkur
zodiac sign: libra
astrology: librasymbol: libraplanet: venus
zodiac sign: aquarius
astrology: aquarius
symbol: aquariuspanet uranus

The twins were depicted in the graphic as a butterfly.

Aquarius and Libra are depicted as a Zodiac ...

Tarot cards than unite the three zodiac element absoltue the air ...

Numerology: 1 stands for a pulse. 1 +1 +1 +1 +....= 10th The sum of 10 is 1
The cut in three Zodiac: Note on the Trinity.

Here is more of a chance / possibility of interior to cool intellect / mind meant.
The following maps of the Swords series are chances of clarity and insight. logos is the godfather. Go this way. Perhaps you are at the beginning of the road and need only unleash the power ....

Caution: It is precisely the path of reason and rationality are sometimes marked by cruelty. In Sofie World is a treatise on philosophy, mutatis mutandis, once said that it may make sense, the whole world into chaos, order a cut on your own finger to avoid ...

With mind is not necessarily a social intelligence meant!

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