ace of the wand

Origin of the firer: the three zodiac signs: aries, leo and sagittarius.

zodiac sign: aries
astrology: arieslink: symbol ariesplanet: mars
zodiac sign: leo
symbol: leoTiertarot: Beschreibung des Löwenplanet: sun
zodiac sign: sagittarius
Tiertarot: Beschreibung des Schützensymbol: saggitariusplanet: jupiter

Leo, Aries and Sagittarius - the Zodiac stories come mostly in the firmament.

Tarot cards than unite the three zodiac absoltue the fire element ...

Numerology: 1 Stands for a pulse. 1 +1 +1 +1 +....= 10th The crossfoot of 10 is 1
The cut in three Zodiac: Note on the Trinity.

The corresponding element is fire. 


It is more of a chance / ability of women to happiness or success meant.
The following cards of this row are those of happiness, of power and fame. Go this way. Perhaps you are at the beginning of the road and need only unleash the power ....

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