III pents

 Mars influences capricorn

kexword: work

Element: earth

zodiak sign: capricorn
astrology: capricorn
symbol: capricorn
planet saturn
 Mars influences the capricorn
in this decade

symbol of the mars

In the description of "work" the sternenhimmelstuermer uses the metaphor of the industrious ant and the cricket. 
Remind: The ant worked hard all summer and created a pantry, while the cricket  all day made music...

In any case, then comes the onset of winter and the ant shows sympathy with the cricket and shares  the fruits of work (Christian motive: knock on and someone will open for you the door). 

There exist a different story: Because the whole of the cricket worked so well established in the next year with four other members of a band ,  called Jackson Five and later the cricket started a great individual career - and the ants - which until now works hard   with two mini poorly paid jobs and waits for an insecure life evening ... 

There is still a variant-the ant ignore the cricket and lets them starve - a cruel end of the story and nothing worth out of the educational perspective of the starstriker.

 However, bad and reprehensible from a Christian perspective. 

The number three is a harmonious number 1 +2 = 3, Trinity, thesis + antithesis = synthesis

Interpretation:  a great work, to be proud of the work will focus on this card.

Reminder: Life is not only for work. Apart from the work they should also cover other important things in mind. Success in this area makes it does not always lucky. You are not irreplaceable! One day after retiring, you are replaced by a new labor and the earth revolves on. A successful film to this theme is  modern times with Charlie Chaplin ... 

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