III swords

kexword: sorrow

Saturn influences the zodiac sign libra

zodiac sign: libra
astrology: libra
symbol: libra
planet: venus
saturn influences the libra
 in this decade

planet saturn: symbol

Of course, there are no polar bearsat the South Pole   and penguins at the North Pole - only if the climate is changing further on..!

Sorrow is the antithesis of joy.

The number three is a harmonious number 1 +2 = 3, Trinity, thesis + antithesis = synthesis.

The three swords takes on the Rider-Waite Tarot directly related to lovesickness (heart pierced by three swords).


Danger in the relationship - means danger from the outside of the relationship Caution: Your relationship is analogous threatened by other influences. This must be no real threat.
This Day describes as Juergen von der Lippe in his song: Good morning dear worries .. make the best of the situation.

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