the hermit



Philosophy, wisdom, stroke, Providence, coincidence

graphic zodiak: virgo
astrology sign: virgo
symbol: virgo
symbol: mercury

The Hermit has the number nine in the tarot. This applies as a special number on the Tarot.

Nine is a special number. You can make an experiment:

Example  5:   5 +9 = 14 The crossfoot of 14 (1 +4) is 5
23 sum (2 +3) 5. 23 +9 = 32, crossfoot: 5
114 sum (1 +1 +4) 6. Then 114 123, sum: 6

You can with any positive natural (whole) number do this again. In fact, this numerology calculations exploited ...

To Consider: In the normal Tarot keeps the old man a light-candle in his hand. The devil is in the Tarot is also available with a torch in his hand and displayed bearing the number 15 (sum: 6).

 In the mythology of the Greeks, Prometheus brought fire to humans.

What does that now with the lantern to do? It is an expression of controlled fire and wisdom of age to deal with it. The ambivalent relationship of Christianity (enlightenment, burning of witches, etc. was also viewed positively!) To the fire is in these tarot cards are not necessarily shared.

Lucifer translated means "The Light Bringer." In the cards of the hermit, the loving and the devil come neutral pole in Tarot expression. The upside 9 is incidentally the 6 and thus expression of the devil.

The starstriker does not want to Satanisten with forage supply. Good and Evil, Ying and Yang and the hermetic rules are based on an assessment from the viewpoint of polarity. Therefore, the starstriker also profess Christianity without any problems. Because this also accepts that there are different poles. According to the Bible Jesus was tried by the devil. He opted for Christianity (The man does not live by bread alone ..).

Your decision for your lives, you will have to meet.

In the tree of life, the hermit goes the path between the Sephirot tiphared and chesed.

The archetype is the old man.


The Bible says: "Thou shalt your father and your mother honor" (Ten Commandments).

That is why this card from today's perspective, somewhere between fear of the future, loneliness and isolation to interpret. Sun offers us the spirit of the time, but actually new interpretations for the Tarot ...

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