V pents

Element: Earth

keyword: worry

zodiac sign: taurus
astrology sign: V pents
symbol: taurus
planet: venus
taurus is influenced by mercury
in this decade
symbol: mercury

An insect in a spider's web. Slowly the animal through the venom of the spider decomposed. Long time, the Sternenhimmelstuermer,
whether he did not use another picture, because certainly some people under the pretext of animal welfare get the idea
to destroy Spiders networks.

But life consists of eating times and be eaten. And we humans are cruel, too. If man / woman
considering that, for example, countless hens live in battery cages on a Din A 4 qcm large room in prison ...


In this card are fears of physical and material hardship, but also the cohesion in the foreground. In animal tarot the emphasis on the suffering of the victim. An exemption from the unfortunate situation is not in sight. Curiously the starstriker found the love as a cue for the interpretation of this card. I love you so much that i could eat you ... this is the love that you want? At the time, they are decomposed ...

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