V swords

Keyword: defeat

 Element: air

zodac sign: aquarius
astrology sign: aquarius
symbol: aquarius
planet: uranus
in thiis decade the aquarius is
influenced by venus
symbol: venus

Defeats are in any normal life. Just escaped the fire, a storm push the birds in an uncertain future.

The board is a symbol of an uncertain future after the fire storm ...

On board falls the starstrikerthe following story:

Kant deals in the "metaphysics of morals" with the "ius necessitas" (about German right of defense).

Kant speaks of this right there as a "power, in case of danger of losing another of my life that I did nothing to harm the lives take." Immediately thereafter, he criticized this power but only as a "supposedly legal", ie an alleged right. He described it as a right, which is a "contradiction of the legal doctrine with itself contained, because it could" give no hardship, which is legally wrong what makes ".

As an example, here in the legal history of the famous board Karnedas cited: Two shipwrecked swim in the sea and see a board in the water drive, in which only one person can hold without having to drown. There could be variants of the following case:

     * The plank is occupied by A, B encounters him down.
     * The plank is still vacant, both swim towards them.
     * The owner of A resists Plankstadt the B from which the plank also wants to take possession.
     * The plank is occupied by two and one accuses the other down.

Kant comes to a rejection of the action from an emergency situation following grounds: An action is right, or after the maxim the freedom of arbitrariness
each with everyone's freedom under a general law can exist together. This principle of law is a principle of all maxims, a general law for the external legal action in the form of a categorical imperative: Handle externally so that the free use of your mercy with the freedom of everyone under a general law can coexist.

Would be critical for these legal solution that, in the case of Karnedas also a self-sacrifice as an alternative solution would be possible from the perspective of Christian ethics the highest form of love (Agape)

The number Five stands for the transition to instability.


Isolation and grief - a defeat ... as negative terms ranging from adequate. You are the victims. They do not look back but forward. Caution: This card can be a reference to pet his malice and jealousy. The stability of the misery is more evidence of this card ...

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