H, CH

Justice, equity, (cosmic) order, health

zodiac sign: libra
astrology sign: libra
symbol: libra
planet: venus

The justice and strength take effect depending on Crowley or Rider-Waite Tarot indifferent positions - no matter.  In a song by Peter Alexander says: "The sweetest fruit only get the big animals, but because we both are small, we never reach. The sweetest fruits taste as you and me, but because we both are small, we never ".

In animal Tarot you just get the little animal the sweetest fruit and this is truly a special kind of justice.

In the 11 numerology is the number of sin, the description of the eleventh commandment ...

Archetype: The judge

In the tree of life, the justice the path between the Sephirot Geburah and Tiphared.


Justice and morality are now unfortunately in many areas apart. We demand justice and believe it our advantage: So the interpretation: Something is running for the benefit of a human being

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