The emperor


The emperor

Tiertarot: Beschreibung des Widder


Indeed (virtue), work (rash) action, scope urge

zodiac sign: aries
astrology sign: aries

planet: mars

The emperor stands for the rigid system and the war. A lion-head of the pack kills even the boys of his predecessor, to enforce its genome.

In the tree of life, the ruler of the path between the Sephirot Tiphared and Chockmah.

Father is the archetype.

The four stands for the directions of the sky ... ... Archangel elements ....


Stability and order are in the Kingdom in the first place. We Democrats know, however, the rigid systems and kingdoms always the danger of oppression and despotism thinly. "Above as below" says the Tarot and the hermetic laws. What in the macro area in the Kingdom Act, which is also true in the family ...

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