The empress


the empress

planet: venus


Community, communication, mediation / intervention

She is the mother nature. In animal Tarot represented by a lioness in the green. The Twelve Stars stand for the tiara of the crown and the twelve zodiac, the nature of the track ...

In the tree of life, the empess goes the path between the Sephirot Binah and Chockmah.

My archetype is the mother

In the numerology is the numeral three the number, which repeals and unites opposites. Hegel's dialectic was clear: thesis and antithesis lead to a synthesis. This synthesis is Antitheses to a new one and the association to a new synthesis ... The starstriker recommends at this point to read Sofie World.

Pregnancy, fertility and prosperity are only a selection of positive keywords.

Caution: In relation to health is rather a weakness (in the female nature lying "invented" by uneducated men) out. The starstrker does not share this traditional view.

He looks rather Mother Nature or negative the cruelty of nature in the foreground ...

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