king of pents

20 aries - 20 taurus

Venus, Mercury and Moon

zodiac sign: aries
astrology sign: aries
symbol: aries
planet: mars

astrology sign: taurus
astrology: taurus
symbol: taurus
planet: venus

symbol: venus
symbol: mercury
planet: moon


The Bremen Town Musicians stand as godfather for this Tarot card.

"Put us prefer to continue with something better than death, you will find anywhere" , said the donkeys to the chicken. For the the starstriker  the metaphor fits well into our time. Sometimes he has the feeling that old people are less value (estimate) into our world  - Until seventy work best and then quickly cede.

The Bremen Town Musicians could still force their own lives in hand - unlike in our human society. When someone asks me what the human made, I say that the social skills of the people. Old animals die because their children are not able to take care of them. Thus, any step such as the increasingly progressive ending of humanity is a step back into the animal kingdom - to social Darwininismus with all that terrible follow. "Thou shalt your father and a mother honor, that you are well and you go long lifes on earth .." (Fourth Commandment).

Interpretation: You meet a known or unknown man.   In a stable climate you speak constructively with him on important decisions.
A good day for important decisions to be taken together ...

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