King of swords

20 capricorn - 20 aquarius

Sun, Venus and Mercury

zodiac sign: capricorn
astrology sign: capricorn
symbol: carpricornplanet: saturn
zodiac sign: aquarius
astrology sign: aquarius
symbol: aquariusplanet: uranus

symbol: sun
symbol: venus
symbol: mercury

Hm, the King of Swords is once again the typical eagles, though a hummingbird - actually the helicopter flying among the animals - has more going for them. But because of the tradition, it is in the animal Tarot once again an eagle - really odd that there is no Zodiac eagle there ...

Interpretation: A man, cool, educated, well-known or unknown - he is important for you today. To talk about feelings, it is rather pointless. The issue is rather in a frosty environment worked, but it can be as constructive out ....

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