Queen of pents

20 Schütze - 20 Steinbock

Saturn, Jupiter and Mars influence the queen of pents.

zodiac sign sagittarius
astrology sign: sagittarius
symbol: sagittariusplanet: jupiter
astrology sign: carpricorn
astrology sign: carpricorn
symbol: carpricornplanet: saturn

planet: saturn
symbol: jupiter
symbol: mars


The Queen of the discs is in the animal Tarot  as cow shown.

On the subject cow a little story: Do you know why the milkmaid were  the most beautiful women in the Middle Ages ?

Because they are infected during the milking with the relatively harmless Cow Pox and because of this they get "vaccination (vaccination)". The were so resistant against smallpox and the pox.

Other people were defaced by pox, while the milk girls retained their smooth skin.

The physician Edward Jenner dealt with in any case closer to the milkmaids (of course purely scientific!) and developed in this way the above vaccination (Vaca = cow). For this reason, the starstriker mention the importance of the cow.

Addendum: The first experiments with the vaccination of Cow Pox were perpetrated on prisoners, who were dismissed for reward. Unlike many other experiments, in which volunteers died, these volunteers had relly a profit ...

Many people suffer today, unfortunately, or refuse from the vaccination against diseases. The starstriker condemns this behavior.

However... An unknown woman goes in your life. It's just a reative meeting with positiv results - nothing more. If you asked the cards for love to a woman, so you loose the game: she feels for you like a sister. And only seldom brother and sister will have erotic times...

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