Spirituality, spiritual power, intuition, sensitivity

zodiac sign: leo
astrology sign: leo
symbol: leo
planet: sun

The chariot and the strength takes different positions:  Crowley or Rider had different opinions. The starstriker is the point in this soberly. In normal Tarot is usually by a lion and a woman embodies. Thestarstriker decided yet for a hippo, whose foot by a bird is cleaned. The icon image of a perfect symbiosis (parasites cleanup for the hippo and fodder for the bird) from the animal kingdom is for the Starstriker more important...

In the tree of life, the strength goes between the path Sephirot Geburah and chesed.

The archetype is the fight with the dragon

In the numerology the Eight is the sign of infinity ...

Interpretation :
Today, many men would probably say: Viagra.  In the regular Tarot is also in this context spoken too low. The animal Tarot differs significantly from here, because here the social behavior of a symbiotic community is in the foreground. The preservation of a social community calls on all parties much from raft. The chaos in which only eat and be eaten is the antipodes.

In the Bible states:

Psalm 23.4 :"... and if I have wandered through the dark valley, I fear no wrong, for Thou art with me your Plug and crew comfort me ... "

This is the force that we need - and not the celebration of the forces of our shoots ...

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