the magican

   planet: mercury

Will, energy, initiative, (self-) responsibility


The magican is in the form of the god Horus depicted. In traditional tarot are the four elements of the insignia on a table in front of the magician.

In animal Tarot by these four animal groups embodies.

The rod up and down the cross stand for the hermetic principle of "Top, as below".

In the tree of life, the magician goes the path between the Sephirot Kether and Binah.

The archetype is the young magician.

In numerology, the number 1 stands 1 for the male impulse.


The magician stands for the man in his creative and evolving phase. The power is with him (think a little of Star Wars). Hence the negative side or as the people in the Star Wars would say: "the dark side of power." The starstriker recommends to read the parts of the Star Wars series or Harry Potter.

You own forces, of which vou never suspect. Think on the case of the mother, who saves her child through elevate a whole car! We all have this power and you can mobilize this for a short time - or to put it in starwars jargon to say: "powerful is the willingness on the power in you" - and you do not need to be a Jediritter ...

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