The fool



(Self-) deception, illusions, failure, fantasy

The Fool ... The story of Percival stands for his godfather. Naive, he was happy that it has not yet bowed. In the traditional tarot is a fool to a ravine and a dog bites warned him in the calf.

In animal Tarot flies a dragonfly on a spider web and a cricket wants to warn them. So much of her interpretation of the same ...

In the tree of life, the jester takes the path between the Sephirot Kether and Chockmah.

His archetype according to C. G. Jung is the child. The Fool has the number 22 or 0

Interpretation: In the sky over interpretation, there is no reverse cards. All tickets include similar to the yin and yang both sides in itself - hence would be an inversion of the cards a contradiction in itself ...

The positive side is the ease and naivety of the child. The negative side is derived from the similar to the child not yet available wrongly insight and self-centered hedonistic world picture. You will see what aspects of their matter under consideration. Remember: Behind a fool can hide  a Till Eulenspiegel , who - as you know, make with everyone a joke ... beside the father death.

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