The high priestess

planet: the moon


Knowledge, studies, intellect, consciousness development

The priestess between the pillars is the classic image Tarot and need no further interpretation --

The two letters B and J stand for the bronze pillars of the Temple of Solomon Boaz (ie it is force) and Jachin (ie he is found)

Boaz is with the increasing moon and Jachin with the declining moon equate.
Growth and blessing vs. curse and corruption

B and J are also sometimes linked with Baal and Jehovah equated ....

Maybe is this card an advice of a female pope in history - you have to make a look in the book of the female pope johanna... 

In the tree of life, the High Priestess goes the path between the Sephirot Tepherad and Kether.

After CG young the priestess is the archetype of the Virgin (Taste seemingly magical incredible effort always to say no ...)
In numerology, the Two for the duality. Fine words and images doubts as two souls in my chest (Goethe, Faust) accompany this figure ..


Undoubtedly, this card also interpreted as a protective card. The hidden forces of the subconscious to be released. The danger is, however dealing with these selfish impulses. The priestess sits between two columns, one is black, the other white. Perhaps an indication, not all black or white to see ...

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