wheel of fortune

planet: jupiter

       I, J, Y   

Change, On / makeup, change


This is again a symbolic picture, what its origins in ancient Egypt finds.
There were revered as sacred animals. Everything is in flux. Energy goes into other forms of energy demonstrated - is demonstrably not lost - just like the sun and the kinetic energy in turn by the beetles. I hope that now other tarot cards interpretors understand my decision ...

In the tree of life, the wheel of fortune goes the path between the Sephirot chesed and Netzach.

Numerology: 10: number of perfection.

The archetype is Fortuna, the goddess of fate.


As the sun turns fate. Negative: A change can trigger disasters (climate change). "There is no good or evil, man makes it only about" Nitzsche said. The Mobile must change according to a new balance. You can also find the description in a novel by Franz Kafka. The transformation of a human being to beetles causes a positive change in the family ...

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