VI cups

keyword: pleasure

sun influences the zodiac sign scorpio

Element: Water

zodiac sign: scorpio
astrology: scorpio
symbol: scorpio
planet mars
sun influences the zodiac sign scorpio

symbol: sun


Turtles go after oviposition exhausted into the water. people are always fewer opportunities in life to enjoy the life.We have the dictatorship of the time. Many peobple do  work just to effort a car, which they used only to go to work. Then sometime in the year comes a vacation - perhaps even in the environment shown in the picture: Can we really "off" or our thoughts are not again at the next planning.

Another thought: Have we not also lost a piece off the small moments in life to enjoy?

The numeral six is from the temptation of sex and testing. Often it is a crisis. Three times six is the sign of the devil - The upside 6 is the nine - the number of wisdom ... The 15, the devil is in Tarot, is in the crossfoot of 6. .


Let's work to rest and enjoy life. Don`t  give up your fantasies and loose yourselves in pleasant memories. Bad time to make emotional decisions ... the dreams could otherwise lead to nightmares.

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