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Keyword: science

Mercury influences aquarius

Element: air

zodiac sign: aquarius
astrology sign: aquqrius
symbol: aquarius
planet uranus
mercury influences aquarius
in this decade

symbol: mercury


A rooster sits on an oversized egg. Does it wants to ask the chickens to higher productivity ? Would lay men bigger eggs than women?

Who came first? Chicken or egg. Without a first egg no chicken and no egg without the chicken!

The answer should be evolutionary factors. The first living propagated by division - then by fertilization and sharing.

The egg of Columbus is also responsible for science.

The numeral six is from the temptation of sex and testing. Often it is a crisis. Three times six is the sign of the devil - The upside 6 is the nine - the number of wisdom ... The 15, the number of the devil  in Tarot, is in the crossrot 6. .


 The starstriker recalls the motif always a little of the crossing the Rubicon into the realm of death ... Anyway - today will appeal your ideas. A good time for the new plans to forge partnership - even if some of these thoughts may never eggs are hatched ....

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