VII swords

keyword: futility

Moon influences aquarius,

Element: air

zodiac sign: aquarius
astrology sign: aquarius
symbol: aquarius
planet: uranus
aquarius is influenced by
the moon

symbol: moon


A slogan flies to the sun, which seems to be a rare flower for the slogan . The motif of flying is also in the traditional tarot applicable - The story of Daedalus and Icarus serves as a warning

Not everything seems futile us. Otherwise it would be today no aircraft or missile type ...

Seven is a lucky number. Seven Dwarfs (Snow White), the Magnificent Seven (originally samurai - later Western), seven at one blow (the brave little tailor) suggests rather courageous people out to another person unselfish help.


Today you should dare something. Imagination, courage and will list their self-confidence into the immeasurable boost.

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