the devil



Effect (skraft), skill, magic, charm

zodiac sign: the devil
astrology sign: capricorn
symbol: capricornplanet: saturn

The devil is in the animal depicted Tarot as Capricorn. The capricorn sets the two pigs with flames from his foot to the chain.  The poor pig did not really deserve with the people to be equal.

In the tree of life, the devil takes the path between the Sephirot Tiphared and Hod.

The archetype is the tempter.

In the numerology are the 15 days as a full moon night in the month perhaps significant.


So when this card may also have a way to go, once the "evil" is if something good can emerge. Keyword: Robin Hood -evil or good? Why not before the marriage with a woman to sleep when she later marries?

And we Christians are aware of us: the forgiveness of sins is a part of our faith: "Go henceforth in peace and sin no more," said Jesus Christ. God, forgive them for they know not what they do ...

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