Transformation, farewells, New beginnings, Higher knowledge

zodiac sign: death
astrology sign: scorpio
symbol: scorpioplanet: mars


The death in the animal Tarot is a little more humane, and the true meaning of death. A dinosaur is playing a flute and the animals follow him voluntarily. The death is like the birth of something natural and integral part of life. In Tarot it is the last card of the physical live. The following maps will also describe the aspects of life in the universe.

In the tree of life, the death goes the path between the Sephirot Tiphared and Netzach.

The archetype is death.

The thirteen is a disaster number.


Death  from something old and make the new place. The sinking of the reign of the dinosaurs was the rise of hour beeing.

We Christians and fortune teller know: Everything is changing. Think about energy conservation sentence: everything is changing, nothing is lost.
We are only the expression of chemical and electrical reactions.
 We all go back to this origin to a new orm continue to exist. Call it mind, God or whatever you want ... according to the starstriker are names in this case only noise and smoke (Goethe).

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