IV wands

keyword: completition

element: firer

zodiac sign: aries
astrology sign: aries
symbol: aries
planet: mars
This decade is influenced
by venus

symbol: venus

The metamorphosis of the caterpillar to butterfly is a symbol of the highest form of perfection. Other metaphors from human vision: From ugly "duckling" to swan. In the religion's commitment to Christianity.

The butterfly is also a symbol of the twin.

The starstriker differs in its interpretation of Tarot cards in part. Imagination and creativity are at the forefront of interpretations.

The number four: Stability: Four Seasons, archengel ...


In traditional tarot stands this card for happiness and harmony in almost the highest form. Maybe even future offspring? The butterfly lives only a summer. Till Eulenspiegel said, mutatis mutandis, that he was pleased when he goes up a hill, because he knows that someday it will go downhill again Watch it and enjoy it Hopefully this long period of happiness and harmony.

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