the chariot



Strategy (self-) overcome, profit, victory

zodiac sign: the cancer
astrology sign: cancer
symbol: cancer
planet: moon

The wagon  is the zodiac sign of the bear represented. The big or small bear is in the animal Basic Tarot by a bear under the starry sky symbolizes. Esoteric correctly would it be an animal out of the water matching ... Maybe this card will change yet another time ...

In the triumph of the wagon trains played a major role in the Middle Ages. Even in ancient times was the chariot (just think of the chariot races in Ben Hur) the ultimate symbol of war - because the starstriker is  pacifist, the major Arcana are for  therefore a little suspicious...

In the tree of life goes the card path between the Sephirot Binah and Geburah.

After Young is the archetype of the awakening of the hero.
In numerology, the number seven stands for the expression of heavenly and earthly harmony. Resulting in a circle in diameter 7 and 22 / 7 is known to π ...

In the interpretation is .... you will not be surprised ... a victory or triumph meant. The flipside of the coin is best with a picture from the trains describe victory. Behind the victorious Roman Emperor made a slave to a victory wreath of laurels . He whispered to the Emperor at intervals the words: "remember that you're a human being" too.

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