II swords

Moond influences the zodiac sign libra


zodiac sign: libra
astrology sign: libra
symbol: libra
planet venus
This Decade is influenced by
the moon

symbol: moon

Description: In this graphic you can see the Christian symbol as a sign of peace with God's chosen people. 40 days after the Sinflut Noah sent a dove to find out, whether there was country. This never came back. Seven days later the same game, only this time the dove returned  with a olive branch ... In any case, God closed at the end truce with Noah and the people and as a sign the lord painted a rainbow on the sky.


In traditional Tarot is the two-for doubt, dispute and the inability to take decisions. Persist as the hanged are the result.
In animal Tarot comes here also expressed doubts Noah, whether the Sinflut stopped one day. For this reason, he sends the dove.  Here is the message: you should trust the word of others and draw their statements not in doubt, even if you are the mind requires. Confidence is a matter of feeling - not of the mind. Keep it to the cool intellect, so you don`t pass opportunities ...

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