II wands

Keyword: dominion

Firer influences the mars in the aries.

zodiac sign: aries
astrology sign: ariessymbol: aries
planet: mars

This decad is influenced by mars
planet: symbol mars

Two lions share the spoils. The wild lions are clearly the rulers of the animals and expression of the element fire.

Numerology: The two stands for polarity, but also for doubt. For the two sides ... thesis and antithesis


In animal Tarot is the polarity by two lions, male and female expressed. The traditional importance of this card is the dispute. In the animal kingdom, the female lion hunt, while the male is usually the first bite claim for themselves. Eating end up the previous hunting community. Caution: here the starstriker meant the emotional controversy - reason is rather in the background. Two sides collide ... a little common sense and influence will be much better ... And nothing is more beautiful than the reconciliation after a dispute with partners!

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