The spreadsheets of the sternenhimmelstuermer

I created a lot of spreadsheets, but it is to much work to translate all my spreadsheets. So I decided to translate two spreadsheets. I have only one week vacations and my Homepage is really bigger than the average homepage.
The first spreadsheet is naturally for the fans of tarot.

The spreadsheet calculate a lot  of the numbers of your life. At first you have to make three inputs in the cells with the gray background. Your Surname, First name and birthdate. After that you get a lot of results. Just make a try. You will understand everything and I made some commentary's. It is an advantage to have a Tarot, to get more spiritual imagination.

You can change the values of the letters by yourself - Individualization is very important. The calculation should work in English, too. Sometimes it is really difficult to decide, if the formula works.

Numerology, Excel spreadsheet 2007 or higher, ca. 25 KB, Freeware, open source. You can easy change everything!

The absolute beginner can enjoy the calculation.


It is not possible to translate my spreadsheets, because a lot of commands does`nt  work in the English version of office. However, I decided to translate my batch scripts...