Encoding with NoNSA

Encoding or Decoding with NoNSA

Enter the password or better passsentences...The more text the better the result, but longer than the text to encode will not be more safe

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This is just a demo. download the generator bat from this website in the english spoken part...

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step 4 of 4 - Enter any text you want half up to full sheet of paper - It is normally enough - Before delete this text it is better to use the 76 characters of the NoNSA alphabet it is forbidden to use greater and less than sign, but e. g. numbers, small and big letters, point, exclamation and question mark are allowed.. After writing your personal text, save it, when you close the window you do not have to write the text in another document, so forget the text... You have nearly five minutes to create and save the text the text will be written in the html-document and is unvisible you can change the text later in the source of the HTML-Document, but you have to do it in all copies of the document.